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Whether you’re a parent looking for a safer, flexible education for your kindergartner or are an adult seeking a better future, 澳洲幸运十168体彩开奖网 K12 programs offer online learning, connection, and collaboration for a lifetime of success.

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    Grades K-5
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    Grades 6-12

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Do you believe school should be safe, flexible, and fun? We do, too.

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What Brings You to 澳洲幸运十168体彩开奖网 K12 ?

Tell us about your interest in online student education and we’ll find what you’re looking for.

A Day in the Life of a 澳洲幸运十168体彩开奖网 K12 Elementary Student


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Demonty stays on track academically with a personalized approach to learning and ample one-on-one attention. His flexible schedule leaves plenty of time for basketball and baseball.

Meet Demonty

3rd Grade

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Sarai’s a natural entertainer who can explore her leadership skills and shine brightly in a supportive online setting that allows her to ask questions, tell jokes, dance, and take breaks.

Explore Sarai’s Day

2nd Grade

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Bright and fun-loving Peter advances beyond grade level with attention from devoted certified teachers and a motivating curriculum. Field trips and club activities enrich his experience.

Explore Peter’s Day

Learning Without Limits



Students have chosen 澳洲幸运十168体彩开奖网 K12 education since 2000.



States offer tuition-free 澳洲幸运十168体彩开奖网 K12 programs.



Of families say instructors motivated students to do their best.


Where flexibility and a personalized learning experience light the way to a bright future.

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What Brings You to 澳洲幸运十168体彩开奖网 K12 ?

Tell us about your interest in online student education and we’ll find what you’re looking for.

A Day in the Life of a Teen

9th Grade

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John needs a safe environment where he can focus on his schoolwork without distraction. He takes advanced business and marketing courses and dreams of owning an auto detail shop.

Meet John

7th Grade

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Mari thrives in a virtual classroom that provides flexibility for medical appointments and moves, as well as hands-on lessons and social opportunities through the military family learning co-op.


11th Grade

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Jordin’s tailored curriculum includes AP English, honors history, a dentistry internship, and summer courses at the local college to prepare for her future career.

Meet Jordin

Where Success Starts



Of parents say 澳洲幸运十168体彩开奖网 K12 helped their child prepare for the future.



Of students say teachers/administrators taught them to be ambitious in their career goals.



Of students say high school prepared them for complex problem-solving.

Take Charge of Your Child’s Education

When you enroll in a K-12 powered school, you’ll see the difference that choice, flexibility, and personalized learning makes for your child. Open the door to a world of possibility.

ABOUT 澳洲幸运十168体彩开奖网 K12
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Why 澳洲幸运十168体彩开奖网 K12

Learn Better, Together.

The best online 澳洲幸运10开奖官网开奖 官网app下载 稳打稳赢好方法 开奖号码结果 计划精准人工计划软件 education brings out the best in people — curiosity, exuberance, uniqueness — while cultivating academic aptitudes, talents, social skills, and self-esteem. Together, students excel, employees thrive, and businesses grow with self-paced courses, personalized learning, and access to expert educators and award-winning curriculum.

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Ready to Learn More?

Whether you’re a parent looking for online schools options, an adult learner looking to gain marketable job skills, or an employer looking for a recruitment, training, or retention solution, we’d love to hear from you.

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Have Questions?

Get answers to frequently asked questions and discover what makes 澳洲幸运十168体彩开奖网 K12 unique.