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Graduate Success

The data is in. Research shows that K12 graduates rate higher in career readiness skills and job success compared to traditional public school students.

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Hear From Our Graduates

K12 graduates go far. Hear real students talk about how their K12 education journey prepared them for career success.


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Online Learning Is Different

K12 alumni find career success post-graduation.

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“I realized I had opportunities and knew things that my fellow brick-and-mortar friends didn’t. Such as career-related classes were provided and being able to build a close relationship with my teachers and counselor despite being online.”


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“The assignments that I did on weather gave me knowledge … I will take with me as I get my Aeronautical Science degree.”


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“Online learning is different… I have my own schedule, the teachers are more helpful, the academics are better, and I just enjoy it more than brick-and-mortar school.”


The Data Speaks For Itself

Research shows that K12 graduates excel in career direction and work ethic due to K12 future-forward learning.

K12-Powered Students Brick-and-Mortar Schools

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78% believe they are excelling at their current job

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74% feel optimistic about their career direction

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71% say their school taught them the importance of a strong work ethic

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Higher Success Rates For K12 Students

Quality education has an overwhelmingly positive impact on students and their futures. Research shows that K12 students are more prepared to navigate their careers than traditional public school students.

A Strong Learning Foundation Leads to Life-Long Benefits

Students find post-graduate success thanks to K12’s career-focused, skills-oriented curriculum. Compared to traditional public school students, K12 graduates come out on top — prepared to tackle what’s next.

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Overall Career Prep

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Career Advising from Teachers

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Career Readiness Skills

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Current Job Success

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