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Visual Arts & Communications

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Explore Visual Arts & Communications

Your child can explore their passion and put their creativity to work designing, producing, exhibiting, performing, writing, and publishing multimedia content. Our career and college prep program* can help them take their talent anywhere from visual and performing arts to design, journalism, entertainment services, and beyond!

Career pathways include:

Visual Arts Pathway

Would your child like to spend their day creating websites, computer-game graphics, animations, or special effects for movies? If they’re interested in any of these things, they might be a good candidate for the Visual Arts Pathway where students put both their creative spirit and technical mind to work to create visual assets for the digital world. And a career in digital design will allow them to work in a variety of industries, including education, entertainment, and advertising.

Students will:

  • Discover the fundamentals and best practices of digital arts
  • Learn the industry-standard software used in digital design
  • Gain experience presenting their digital design work to others.

Digital Journalism Pathway

If your child has a natural curiosity, a desire to communicate truth, and an interest in researching, interviewing, and storytelling, then Digital Journalism might be the pathway for them. Students learn to gather information and prepare stories that inform us about local, state, national, and international events.

Students will:

  • Develop strong writing, critical thinking, and research skills
  • Learn about the evolution of journalism and its ethics and bias
  • Discover how journalism can lead to exciting careers.

What could my future look like with this career*

*Data is from Lightcast and is updated frequently.


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Connect with Industry Professionals

Students virtually connect with industry professionals and see how lessons in the classroom apply to the real world.

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Gain Real-World Experience

See how project-based learning helps students tackle real business challenges.

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Visual Arts & Communications

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*The career and college prep program is offered to eligible high school students. Some schools also offer career exploration in middle school.
**Many Microsoft®️ Office certificates can be earned after completing one course. Other certificates require more classes to be better prepared, and students who participate in the program for at least two years will have further preparation for certification testing.
***Opportunities vary by school; please visit your school page or check with your school counselor.