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Bullying Prevention Resources

Bullying hurts. But it hurts less when we talk about it. Welcome to your safe space to talk about bullying.

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Let’s Talk About Bullying

Bullying doesn’t have to be big and scary to talk about. Talking is how we can make it stop.

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Nearly 6 million students aged 12-18 nationwide report being bullied at school.1

That’s not okay. Period. Together, we can take a stand against bullying, protect our mental health, and lead with kindness.

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Resources for Students, Parents, and Teachers

We all play a role in helping students lead meaningful lives and make the world a kinder, safer place. It starts with you and your voice. Explore these resources to learn more about how you can be the kind of person that stands up to bullying.

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Video Resources for Students

Elementary School

Remember that it’s not cool to be a bully by singing along with the crew for Doggyland.

Middle School

If you’re being bullied, learn what to do from our friends Chris, Peter, and Maria at Wonder Grove.

High School

Find out what bullying is from Mia and Darius and how we can stop it by working together.

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High School

Learn how high schoolers can help stop cyberbullying.

You can watch and listen to a special collection of webinars and podcasts about bullying prevention.

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Life Beyond Bullying

A Conversation with Brandon Farbstein

Watch Video

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What role do parents play in promoting mental health?

More Information

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How can sex education keep our children safe?

More Information

Be a Buddy, Not a Bully

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Do you know someone who’s being bullied?

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Have you been called a bully?

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Students Share Their Stories

Bullying and mental health challenges are tough things to talk about. But talking about them helps. Being honest about our experiences can be powerful—for ourselves and the people around us. Hear students at K12-powered schools share their stories and how online school helped them be brave in the face of bullies.

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Aniya, High School Student

Watch the Video

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Dorthy, Middle School Student

Watch the Video

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Austin, High School Student

Watch the Video

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Bryanna, High School Student

Watch the Video

If You Need Help

If you or someone you know is struggling and needs immediate help, call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 800.273.8255 or 988.

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Want more information about supporting someone having a hard time with their mental health? This online course from Jack.org and the Born This Way Foundation can help.

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Ask your friends, where do you draw the line?

Since we’re all working together to prevent bullying, you can share this page and share the resources with others.

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Online School With K12 Could Be Your Family’s Solution

In a recent survey of parents, 44% said they enrolled their students in a K12-powered school because of safety and/or bullying-related concerns at a previous school.2 See how an online school might be the solution you’re looking for and take the next step.

1 A 2019 study from the National Center for Education Statistics.
2 K12 Enrollment Satisfaction Survey, March 2022