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Tips for Daily Online School Success

As students start their learning journeys, best practices pave a path to excellence—both in and out of the online classroom.


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Elevate Your Student’s Online Learning

The right environment sets your child up for academic and personal success. While you provide structure and organization at home, our K12 educators equip them with the knowledge to become thriving independent learners.


How To Stay Productive

K12 offers educational resources and tips to help your child maximize their productivity. Our goal is simple: empower students to learn joyfully and effectively, at their own pace.

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  • Set Up the Essentials: Providing a student-centered workspace is pivotal to academic success. Have a reliable internet connection, build a distraction-free desk, and supply the materials they need for maximal learning.
  • Join the Learning Coach Community: Connecting to a larger community puts you in touch with best practices for a successful learning experience. Download and use our app to find resources and materials to support your day to day activities.
  • Use Daily and Monthly Planners: Establishing a routine helps students stay on a consistent, reliable schedule. Seamlessly facilitate their daily activities with academic planners, calendars, and predictable daily schedules.
  • Visit the Strider Activity Hub to download daily planners, weekly planners, music playlists, activity sheets, and more resources that contribute to everyday success.


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Managing the Everyday

Wondering how to be an effective mentor? Get inspired and encouraged by the experiences of other Learning Coaches.

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Advice for a Lifestyle of Learning 

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Great Tips on Tools for Online School

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Planning for Online Schooling Success

Join the Learning Coach Online Community

The life of a Learning Coach is exciting. With a supportive Learning Coach community, it can be even better. Join our virtual network by logging in via the Online School (OLS) website or by downloading the K12 app. Get questions answered, access vital resources, and collaborate with other Learning Coaches to elevate your child’s online learning.

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  • Tap into socialization opportunities for enrichment and community
  • Engage your child with social sharing opportunities and local group activities
  • Exchange information with other Learning Coaches
  • Access digital content to further support your child
  • Receive ongoing support from experienced educators

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