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Success Stories

More than 2 million students have chosen public school at home with K12.

Families choose online learning for a variety of reasons. With K12-powered schools they benefit from:

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State-certified teachers who use a tailored approach that works for diverse learners

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A dynamic curriculum that offers a range of courses in core subjects, electives, and career-focused options

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Social opportunities for students through clubs and other extracurriculars

Here’s what students, parents, and alumni have to say about their experience with K12-powered online schools.

Hear from Students

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“I found out about things that I could do that I didn’t know I could do.” – Gabriella, Student

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“I get to learn at my own pace and focus better. I don’t have any other distractions.” – Red, Student

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“I have a lot more free time, so it’s easier for me to do my experiments.” – Joshua, Student

Hear from Parents

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“He has a lot of challenges, and this school lets him fly. He is doing amazing.” – Carrie, Parent

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“She’s learning faster, better, and … she just gets to be more of herself.” – Jennifer, Parent

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“The curriculum is great … It’s not just textbook stuff. It’s stuff you deal with every day in the real world, people you meet.” – Robert, Parent

Survey Results

A recent survey shows graduates from K12-powered schools have the life and academic skills to set them up for a successful future. Here’s what our alumni are saying:

Hear From Alumni

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“Online learning is different … I have my own schedule, the teachers are more helpful, the academics are better, and I just enjoy it more than a brick-and-mortar school.”

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“The assingments that I did on weather gave me knowledge… I will take with me as get my Aeronautical Science degree.”

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“I realized that I had opportunities and knew things that my brick-and-mortar friends didn’t. Such as career-related classes that were provided and being able to build a close relationship with my teachers and counselor despite it being online.”

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Explore the many benefits of the Stride-Powered School Alumni Services Network.

Choose an industry. Discover a future.

Stride Career Prep* students at K12-powered schools can discover their passions through project-based learning, real-world experiences, and guided career exploration. Start thinking about their future as early as middle school with career exploration courses,** and can continue to focus their path in high school. Students can choose a pathway in a variety of high-demand career fields including business, criminal justice, and health and human services. Students also have the option to remain in their local school and participate in Stride Career Prep on a part-time basis through K12 Private Academy.

Meet Arianna

She’s a 9th grade Stride Career Prep student studying entrepreneurship online and applying what she learns to grow her bakery business. See how Stride Career Prep is preparing her for the future.


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Students and parents love Stride Career Prep. See what they have to say:

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  • 93% of parents are satisfied with their student’s experience with Stride Career Prep.
  • 93% of parents feel this program helps their high school student prepare for a career.
  • 90% of parents are satisfied with the Career Prep curriculum.
  • 90% of parents are satisfied with the program’s dual-credit offerings.
  • 78% of graduates who responded to a 2022 survey on career readiness believe they are excelling at their current job. See the survey results.
  • 74% of graduates who responded feel optimistic about their career direction. See the survey results.

Help your child take charge of their future with the Stride Graduation Guarantee.

K12 puts learners and their families in charge of their educational journey. Our individualized approach meets students where they are—sparking the joy of learning and encouraging students to discover their passions. Our graduation rates have steadily risen over the past five years thanks to the online learning support, personalized graduation plans, and individual counseling offered at K12-powered schools. In fact, we are so confident in our proven online learning approach that we guarantee that eligible students enrolled in K12-powered public schools will graduate with a high school diploma.

What Parents Are Saying

From overall school satisfaction to their thoughts about teachers and curriculum, parents are experiencing positive outcomes with K12-powered schools.1

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of parents are satisfied with K12-powered schools and curriculum.

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find K12 course materials more effective than other online school options.

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find K12-powered teachers more competent operating in an online classroom than other online school options.

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of K12-powered K–8 parents were satisfied with their teacher(s) as compared with 81% of K–7 brick and mortar parents.2

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expressed overall satisfaction with K12-powered online schools (weighted average)5 as compared with 86% of preK–12 brick-and-mortar.3

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are likely to recommend a K12-powered school to others (weighted average).5

How do I get started?

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I’m ready to find a school.

Accredited online schools powered by K12 are available in many U.S. states. Select your state for a list of the options in your area.


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I’m ready to enroll.

If you’re ready to enroll, simply create a Parent Portal account or log in to your existing account to begin the enrollment process.


*Stride Career Prep is a program for grades 9–12. At some schools, career exploration is offered in middle school.
**Opportunities vary by school; please visit your school page or check with your school counselor.
2020 Spring Destinations Career Academy Student Satisfaction Survey Findings, October 13, 2020.
1Based on Fall 2020 High School Parent Satisfaction Survey.
2August 02, Editors of Parents magazine, and 2021. “The Parents Guide to Back to School 2021.” Parents, www.parents.com/kids/education/back-to-school/the-parents-guide-to-back-to-school-2021. Accessed 30 Jan. 2022.
3K–8 and High School Parent Satisfaction surveys for K12-managed public schools conducted by Stride Market Research Group, November 2021.