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Rewarding Education Experience

K12 partners with families to support student learning every step of the way. Our Parent Portal gives you daily insights into what students are learning and how they’re performing. With K12, students, parents, and teachers alike have a collaborative, engaging, and rewarding educational experience.

How it Works

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Online Platform That Powers Student Success

Every aspect of the K12 online platform is designed to engage and empower students. Parents love that our platform is organized and easy to navigate. Students love that lessons are interactive and self-paced. Find school schedules, lessons, and grades all in one place.

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Grades K-5 Online School Tour

See online school in action for K12 students in grades K-5.

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Grades 6-12 Online School Tour

See online school in action for K12 students in grades 6-12.

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Parents and Teachers Love Us

Parents are actively engaged in the learning process with K12. In fact, as their child’s Learning Coach, parents help guide students through flexible lessons from the comfort of home while regularly communicating with teachers.

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Focused Learning In A Safe Setting

K12 is committed to student well-being. School bullies can leave children feeling unsafe and stressed about learning. In fact, one out of five students reports being bullied in traditional public schools. K12 provides a safe schooling alternative that supports and uplifts every student. Learners engage with lessons in their own secure environment, which makes school a fun and safe place to be. Parents get a wider view into their child’s day-to-day education, and become an active participant in helping them succeed.

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Costs vary by schooling option. K12 online public school is available in many states and is completely tuition free. K12 private schools operate through their own fee structure. K12 courses are also available to purchase directly for supplemental or independent homeschool use.

K12 has developed a comprehensive program that’s aligned with most state and national standards. We provide children with an education that’s comparable or superior to that provided by the nation’s best public and private schools, regardless of demographic constraints.

K12 is a Cognia-accredit corporation. Cognia is a global nonprofit working to advance excellence in education worldwide through accreditation, research, and professional services. As a Cognia-accredited corporation, K12 meets the highest standards of educational management. Additionally, individual K12-powered schools are accredited by a variety of respected accreditation bodies.

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