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Did you know K12-powered schools use Minecraft to help kids learn?

From the streets of ancient Rome to the vast oceans, our Minecraft worlds let kids explore, interact with characters, and complete challenges—all while completing state-standard lessons. These lessons are built into our curriculum, giving students an engaging way to boost their skills.

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Welcome to Rome

Inside this world, greet Caesar and receive your first challenge: to find important items and capture them with a camera for your in-game portfolio. Travel through the city finding special landmarks!


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Welcome to Jamestown

Learn about the settlement at Jamestown as you travel back in time to visit the colony. You must work to complete jobs around the village, including trading furs, harvesting wheat, and building a home.


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Welcome to the Ocean Climate Challenge

Become immersed in various oceanic environments and work alongside a team of experts who have dedicated their lives to conserving our oceans. The first challenge is taking plastic out of our waterways.

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Welcome to Ancient Egypt

Welcome to the prehistoric and ancient civilizations of Egypt. First, you spawn inside a cave and review the paintings to evaluate prehistoric life. Next, meet a tour guide who transports you to the Stone Age. You must survive by building a home and gathering food.

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Students Love Minecraft Education

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1Source: Students who responded to the K12 Minecraft Education Survey, May 2023