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A day in the life of online school for Demonty and Janell (mom and Learning Coach)

Photo of Demonty


Grade K
Favorite Subjects
Reading, Math
Basketball, Art

Why K12?

Elmater wanted an option that would challenge her advanced students academically. Online school powered by K12 allows for Gabbie and Josh to work at their own pace. This gives Gabbie more time to work on her writing and Josh more time to work on his science experiments and award-winning science fair presentations.

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Live Classes and

Demonty’s schoolwork is a mix of scheduled, live classes called Class Connect sessions and offline assignments and activities. K12 provides the materials he needs—a computer, textbooks, supplies, and more.

A typical day may have him starting with a phonics lesson with his mom Janell (also his Learning Coach) and then live math and Language Arts classes later in the day, led by his state-certified teachers. If things get tricky, Janell is there to provide extra support. They can ask the teacher questions in the live classes, via email, or during weekly office hours.

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Student Schedule

Learning Coaches typically spend between 4 to 6 hours each day with kindergarten and other elementary school students providing oversight and helping them through their lessons and assignments.

Learning Coaches (often parents) aren’t on their own either. Teachers are accessible for questions and there are communities specifically for Learning Coaches that provide extra support and share resources.

Student Schedule

Daily Schedule

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Class Schedule

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The number of classes students take varies per grade level and individual. Students in kindergarten like Demonty typically take between 4–6 subjects each semester, with maybe 2–4 of those requiring scheduled, live classes.

The other subjects are completed via offline assignments and skills labs in the K12 interactive online learning system where their Learning Coach can help.

In addition to core academic subjects like English, math, science, and social studies, K12-powered schools have a great selection of electives, like art and music.

Classes schedules may vary considerably based on the individual student and their needs, state, and any special programs.

Demonty’s time away from the computer looks like…

Playing at the park, shooting hoops with his friends, eating pizza, and reading a book before bed with his mom.

Social Time

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Janelle finds lots of ways to keep Demonty social in their community. One of his favorite things is playing basketball with his friends at a local gym.

He gets to spend time with other kids and get some energy out before getting back to schoolwork. K12-powered schools also host a range of events and activities for students and families.

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Teacher Support and Communication

At first, Janell was a little worried about being a Learning Coach for a young student, but she quickly discovered that she had a lot of support from K12 and the teachers.

The teachers are accessible and have given her great advice on how to help Demonty in areas where he can use a little extra academic support, like math. For Janell, online learning is a team effort between her and the teachers.

Hands-On Activities

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One of Janelle’s tips from Demonty’s math teacher was to make math more fun. So now, they play math games together in between classes.

He gets more practice on concepts he may be having a tough time with while trying to win a game against his mom. K12-powered schools provide the offline learning materials to support their curriculum too!

A Day in the Life of an Online Student

K12 Gabbie image


Grade 3

Why K12: Gabbie’s mom wanted her advanced students to be challenged academically. Now, Gabbie can work at her own, quicker pace through lessons and take breaks when she needs them.

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Grade 1

Why K12: Micah’s parents wanted an option where their children could be challenged and learn in a way that worked for them as individuals.

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Grade K

Why K12: Samantha wanted an option where Peter could work at his fast pace and advanced level while still having time to be a kid.

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Learning with K12

K12 powers a wide variety of educational options. including tuition-free public schools and tuition-based private schools. See what’s available in your area.

These are the stories of real students attending K12-powered schools and their families. Content is a combination of direct quotes and summaries from in-person interviews. Their stories each reflect their experiences at their respective schools. Actual experience can vary by student and school. These pages are designed to reflect a typical day in the life of a student attending an online K12-powered school. Individual class schedules and requirements will vary by state, school, and the individual needs of each student.