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Online Schools in Oregon

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Set Up Your Student for Success with Online Schools in Oregon

At K12-powered public schools in Oregon, our priority is providing a personalized approach to engaging instruction designed to make your student an independent learner, preparing them for success inside and outside the classroom.

Oregon Virtual Academy (ORVA) – New Name

Oregon Virtual Academy (ORVA) has been renamed and no longer uses K12’s award-winning curriculum. ORVA families that want to continue with our curriculum can enroll in Cascade Virtual Academy (CVA). CVA is a tuition-free online public school powered by K12 that provides the flexibility and transparency your family needs—all from the safety of home. Spring semester enrollments are now being accepted for grades K–12. The team at CVA is available to support K–8 families who may want to transition from ORVA immediately!

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Flexible Online Education in Oregon

K12-powered online schools in Oregon are designed to nurture your student’s success, regardless of their grade level or future plans. They are similar to traditional brick-and-mortar schools in a number of ways. For example, they follow the traditional school year, and families do not pay tuition for students to enroll.*

Your student will learn from state-licensed teachers and can attend classes and complete assignments wherever there is an internet connection, making it ideal for families on the go. Plus, there are opportunities to participate in student activities both online and in-person,** ensuring that their time in public school in Oregon is growing both their knowledge and social skills.

How does K12-powered online public school in Oregon work?

For grades K–5, the K12 curriculum is mastery based, encouraging students to learn and grow at their own pace. The Learning Coach (the parent or another responsible adult) plays a significant role for this grade level.

As students transition to grades 6–12, they are encouraged to become more independent and take more responsibility for their own learning. The Learning Coach role becomes one of monitoring and offering support. Graduates earn a high school diploma.

Schools Available for Oregon Students

Grades K-12

Reach your full potential in a supportive environment that encourages students and parents to grow and learn together. 

  • Thrive with flexible, individualized instruction. 
  • Succeed outside the classroom with Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS) for non-academic needs. 
  • Learn online while still participating in your resident school district sports and extracurriculars. 

Grades 7-12

Achieve success with flexible learning and individualized support designed to meet your specific needs. 

  • Earn your diploma with additional flexibility and support. 
  • Take a versatile pathway to graduation with our Graduation Alliance partnership. 
  • Get the support you deserve from our special education and English language learner services, including counselors, graduation specialists, and social workers. 

Grades 9-12

Assure your success in college, career, and beyond by combining core academics with real-world skills. 

  • Jump-start your future with career certifications. 
  • Stay on track with our robust suite of credit recovery courses. 
  • Earn your diploma—graduation is guaranteed! 

Grades K-12

Ignite young minds to bring learning alive!

Grades K–12

  • Full-time, innovative, online school with flexible pacing
  • Highly regarded curriculum powered by the education experts at Stride K12
  • Cutting edge technology with customized online learning
  • Classes in core subjects, world languages, honors, advanced placement (AP)
  • Books and materials shipped right to your front door*
  • Passionate and supportive state-certified teachers
  • Parent resources, demos, and assistance to start your child off strong
  • Vibrant community with in-person events, social activities, and clubs

Students at K12-powered schools consistently outperformed on district and state testing!

Grades K-12

Achieve a quality, personalized, private education through our engaging, interactive K12 curriculum and a dedicated, supportive team of teachers and advisors. Tuition-free private school for Arizona students through the Empowerment Scholarship. 

  • Accelerate your learning with dual enrollment, early college, AP®, and NCAA-approved courses. 
  • Jump-start your future with career and college prep, including career-focused electives beginning in 6th grade.  
  • Learn at your pace with year-round start dates enrolling full-time, part-time, and individual courses. 

Grades K-12

Achieve academic excellence while developing your Christian character and finding your life's purpose in a faith-based, supportive environment. Tuition-free private school for Arizona students through the Empowerment Scholarship. 

  • Integrate a Christian worldview into your life—the classroom and beyond—through our Servant Learner framework. 
  • Develop your character and grow in your faith through in-person activities at faith centers in select cities. 
  • Participate in weekly faith groups and chapel services to connect with other students who share your beliefs. 

Grades K-12

Are you an independent learner seeking a highly flexible education? With more than 40 years of experience in self-paced distance learning, reach your potential any time, year-round. Tuition-free private school for Arizona students through the Empowerment Scholarship. 

  • Accelerate your learning with 170+ self-paced courses with multiple levels, including honors and AP®. 
  • Earn college credits while still in high school with dual enrollment. 
  • Assure your future—we awarded 771 high school diplomas in 2022, with 99.4% of students reporting college acceptance. 

Grades 8-12

Are you a highly motivated learner? Earn a premier, private college preparatory education online and get the tools to excel at top-tier universities. Affiliated with The George Washington University. 

  • Jump-start your future with one-to-one college counseling and unique dual enrollment opportunities. 
  • Prepare for life outside the classroom with our Journeys symposium. 
  • Unlock your future—100% of graduates are accepted to college, from Harvard to UC Berkeley. 

Grades K-11

Reach your full potential with an inclusive, engaging curriculum and the tools and guidance to be a successful global citizen. Tuition-free private school for Arizona students through the Empowerment Scholarship. 

  • Graduate trilingual with our Early World Language Program. 
  • Get access to seminar-based instruction with a collaborative, discussion-focused approach 
  • Graduate with your associate's degree with our dual enrollment program. 

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You can purchase K12 courses to supplement your homeschool curriculum or help your student catch up, get ahead, or explore an interest. These flexible courses are available with part-time and full-time options and with convenient year-round start dates.

*Families do not pay tuition for a student to attend an online public school. Common household items and office supplies, like printer ink and paper, are not provided. Our enrollment consultants can help address your technology and computer questions and needs. Educational materials vary by school and course.

**In-person opportunities vary by school. Please check with your school.