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Social Opportunities for Online Learners: Extracurriculars, Events, and More

At K12, we believe that social interaction and engagement are essential to online learning. We provide various social opportunities for students at K12-powered schools that lie outside of traditional academics to help students connect with peers and teachers. These programs help learners of all ages make friends, share interests and passions, learn new things, compete for cool prizes, and have fun.

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Highlights: Student Engagement Activities

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How Online Students Stay Connected and Social

Clubs and Other Online Extracurriculars

School clubs* are one of the most popular extracurricular activities and a great way for students to connect over shared interests. K12 offers a variety of exciting clubs and social activities for learners across the country, such as theater clubs, nursing clubs, college and career prep sessions, and an e-sports league.

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K12 Clubs and Extracurriculars

In addition to school-specific options such as art, chess, music, and theatre, several clubs are open to students nationwide. Nursing Club is a popular choice, offering those interested in the medical field a chance to see what a career in nursing might look like.

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College and Career Prep

Students receive support as they complete college applications, apply for scholarships, and build their résumés. From workshops to activities with professional coaches, your student can benefit from leadership development and fun career activities.

Plan for Your Future >

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K12 E-Sports League

Students ages 13 and up develop strategic thinking and collaboration they can apply to the classroom through multi-and single-player online games. The Stride E-Sports League nurtures healthy competition in a supervised environment.

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Meet Connor

He’s a 6th grade online student who stays social playing video games with friends, going to school meet-ups with other families, and completing building challenges through his school’s LEGO® club.


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National Activities: Meet and Interact with Students and Adults Across the Country

Learners across the country can socialize through our national activities.** These include competitions that help students discover their creativity while sharing their talents, enrichment programs for students and adults that help accelerate career pathways, and summer camps that build diverse skills.

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Stride Competitions

Healthy competition teaches students teamwork, resourcefulness, and creativity while connecting them with professional judges for a chance to win exciting prizes. Competitions include all kinds of activities such as art, cooking, photography, spelling bees, and more.

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Stride Enrichment Programs

Whether looking to connect with professionals, enhance their résumés, or get help with college scholarships, students can learn how to level up their skills through Stride Enrichment Programs. Popular options include drone flight, mobile app development, photography, starting a business, screenwriting, fashion design, and more. Our enrichment programs are available to learners of all ages, including adults.

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Leadership Opportunities and Student Advisory Council

This paid internship opportunity allows select students to join the Student Advisory Council. Advisors serve their peers as ambassadors, providing valuable feedback and insight about their experiences and career readiness education. Students build leadership skills and explore career pathways while helping their community.

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School-Based Activities: Get to Know Other Students at Your K12-Powered School

Students enrolled at K12-powered schools have access to even more social opportunities, both local and beyond. Enrolled families can check with teachers, speak with school counselors, or visit their school’s Online Learning System (OLS) announcements page for more information on school-specific activities. Certain schools may offer the option to participate in a local district band or sport.* Many offer opportunities for students to express their creativity.

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National Online Clubs

Enrolled Families

Students can enjoy participating in clubs designed around topics from LEGO® to art, theater, social interests, and Minecraft®. From the creative kindergartener to the career-focused high school student, there are online student clubs for all interests.

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Social and Support Clubs

Enrolled Families

Online school can be challenging, but K12-powered schools have social and support clubs to help. These groups encourage connection in an inclusive setting through social hangouts. Enrolled students can make new friends and enjoy time together outside the virtual classroom.

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Milestone Celebrations

Enrolled Families

Online students can experience milestones such as prom, graduation, various performances, and other special events. Schools may also offer outings to bring learning beyond the classroom. Special events may be virtual or in-person when possible.

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Elective Courses

Students can also engage with peers over shared interests through various elective courses. These unique classes tackle topics not always found in traditional curriculums and encourage innovative thought and exploration.

Electives will vary by school but may include exciting courses such as technology, world language programs, art classes, and more.

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STEM Classes

K12 avatar image Enrolled Families

Select courses within the STEM curriculum focus on one of four key subjects: science, technology, engineering, or math. These fields offer some of the strongest career opportunities, and these classes help students build teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving skills needed for these and other career paths.

STEM Benefits >


Parent and Learning Coach Resources

If you want to make sure you’re setting up your student for success when they start with a K12-powered online school, promoting connection and socialization with their peers is a great place to start. Here are some resources that can help your student succeed inside and outside the classroom.


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Online learning can be a great option when your student needs an educational program different from what’s offered in a traditional brick-and-mortar setting. Since all academics are virtual, it’s important for students to have a way to connect with other students through social activities and extracurricular clubs. K12-powered schools are unique in the number and diversity of social opportunities offered for enrolled students and other learners to connect with their peers.

Social opportunities include extracurricular activities and clubs for all grade levels, national competitions and contests, summer camps, and enrichment programs. Students can explore their passions and interests while developing meaningful friendships within a safe online learning environment at K12-powered schools.

Students at K12-powered schools can interact with others during Class Connect sessions using chat features, breakout rooms, and more. Certain grade levels and courses also use project-based learning, where students work creatively in groups to solve problems.

We haven’t forgotten that adults need a social network, too! We have resources and activities for parents and Learning Coaches, including our Learning Coach Community. You’ll have many opportunities to connect with other parents and Learning Coaches and find opportunities for your student to be more social. Some of the Stride Enrichment Programs also have sessions for adults.

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Find Social Connection in a K12-Powered Online School

Transform your student’s education with a K12-powered school where a powerful curriculum, flexible environment, and engaging online learning system combine with exciting social opportunities to create a comprehensive learning environment.

*Extracurricular activities and programs will vary for each school.
**Some opportunities, including enrichment programs, may have an associated cost to the participant.