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Create a Game Plan For Success

Discover how you can support and empower your child throughout the school year with a game plan for success that focuses on cultivating self-initiative and social connections.

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Nourish Your Child’s Ability to Thrive

K12 has every recourse available to support learners through online learning and beyond. Our expansive collection of information based on over two decades of online instruction has everything you need to prepare your child for an enriching school experience. Embrace independence, build the best learning environment, and support socialization with strategies from K12.

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Learn how to:

  • Create a top-notch home learning environment
  • Support socialization with clubs, extracurriculars, and activities
  • Foster independence and responsibility
  • Encourage student growth and development


Foster Friendships and Social Connections

K12 offers students a rich and fulfilling social experience. See how other K12 Learning Coaches supported and enriched their child’s social learning and development throughout the online school year.

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Social Happenings with Online School

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The Why and How of Socialization with Online School

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Social Skills in School and Beyond

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Explore Social Events and Activities

K12-powered schools provide a multitude of online social activities for students that help combine the safety and comfort of a virtual environment with the social interaction of a traditional brick-and-mortar school.


Help Students Become Independent Online Learners

One benefit of online learning is the opportunity for children to begin taking responsibility for their educational success early. Here are some insights and tips from Learning Coaches who have helped their children find their inner drive for academic achievement.

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Accountability and Independent Learning

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Empowering Independent Learners

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Planning for Independent Learning

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A day in the life

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See a K12 Day in the Life

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With K12, you play an important role in your child’s education.

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