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Why K12 Is the Leader in Online Education

Online educational programs should bring out the best in your child — inquisitiveness, drive, unique interests, exuberance — while cultivating academic aptitudes, individual talents, social skills, and self-esteem.

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Seven Reasons To Make K12 Your Online School

You’re never alone when you enroll in K12. Our program supports your family to guide your child’s education in the way that works best for them. Stay on top of what your child is learning through our innovative parent portal. Work directly with teachers to establish your child’s love of learning, setting the foundation for lifelong success. Connect with a community of like-minded Learning Coaches to expand your social circle and make the education journey more enjoyable. Behind our innovative technology, a supportive and expansive learning environment awaits.

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  • Cognia Accreditation: K12 meets the highest standards of educational management. Individual schools are accredited by a variety of respected accreditation bodies.
  • Flexibility: A personalized schedule includes live instruction and independent study.
  • Quality Teachers: All K12 teachers are state-certified and trained online educators.
  • Family Support: School counseling programs meet family challenges head-on.
  • Opportunity: Enrich your education with national online clubs and local offline events.
  • Career Prep: AP® courses and career counseling set high schoolers up for success.
  • Reading Guarantee: K12 guarantees that eligible students will read on grade level by the end of 3rd grade.*

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Three Factors That Set K12 Apart

You and your child have many online school options. As you explore the possibilities, look for these three pillars of an award-winning education.

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Academic Excellence

The best education opens every door to your child. At K12, you’ll find rewarding online coursework, highly trained and engaged teachers, and the latest technology designed to meet your child’s specific needs.

  • We meet the highest standards of educational management with Cognia-accreditation.
  • Students receive varied and comprehensive instruction led by state-certified teachers.
  • Graduates earn diplomas recognized by top colleges and universities worldwide.

Future-focused Learning

High school is not only a time for learning. It’s a transition from childhood to adulthood when big decisions about the future need to be made. The K12 program includes resources, support, and guidance to help students make the most of these years and turn opportunities into advantages.

  • Students can earn college credit through AP and honors courses.
  • Special education, tutoring, and counseling ensure your student is maximizing their potential to succeed through high school and beyond.
  • Students gain exposure to high-demand fields like IT, healthcare, and business through career readiness coursework.

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Connection to a Greater Community

A student’s well-being depends on time spent with peers, developing interests and socializing. The K12 experience presents learners with ample opportunities to enjoy a well-rounded education. Likewise, parents can connect with veteran Learning Coaches and teachers to find guidance and friendship.

  • Students have access to 50+ national online clubs, contests, and activities
  • Local schools organize in-person events like science fairs, proms, and sports clubs
  • Support programs and resources help parents excel as Learning Coaches

Why K12 is the Outstanding Choice

The best online school adapts to your needs, whether that means offering a flexible schedule, a classroom that promotes social skill building, or courses designed to engage all students.

For more than two decades, we’ve trained state-certified teachers in the most effective online educating methods and provided the technology and curricula to give every child a flexible, high-quality education. When comparing K12 to other online learning solutions, you’ll find our flexibility, vast treasure trove of resources, and vibrant community is like no other.


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Costs vary depending on which option you choose. K12 online public schools, available in many states, are tuition-free. K12 also powers a variety of private school options, each of which has its own fee structure. You can also purchase courses directly for supplemental or independent homeschool use.

The K12 team has developed a comprehensive program that is aligned to most state and national standards. Our goal is to provide children with an education that is comparable or superior to that provided by the nation’s best public and private schools, regardless of demographic constraints.

K12 is a Cognia-accredited corporation. Cognia is a global nonprofit working to advance excellence in education worldwide through accreditation, research, and professional services. As a Cognia-accredited corporation, K12 meets the highest standards of educational management. Additionally, individual K12-powered schools are accredited by a variety of respected accreditation bodies.

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*K12 guarantees that students who continuously attend a K12-powered school for grades 1–3 will read on grade level by the end of 3rd grade. If not, we will provide extra support for those learners until they read on level, at no cost to you. K12-powered schools are schools and school districts that use a suite of curriculum and services from K12 and that K12 reports internally as K12-powered programs. Students must continue to meet the eligibility and policy requirements of their schools and states to continue their enrollment. Click here for full details about the eligibility requirements.