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Success Starts on Day One

Open doors to your child’s future with personalized education that sparks curiosity and nurtures success.

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Empower Your Student to Achieve

New beginnings bring changes — but with the right support, students can thrive. Partner with K12 to facilitate a smooth and successful transition to online learning.

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Four Ways to Help Your Student Thrive Online

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Find Extracurriculars Your Child Will Love

Extracurriculars give students the chance to build essential skills, explore interests and passions, form meaningful relationships — and have fun. Students can connect outside of class through a variety of activities that fit their unique interests:

  • Clubs
  • Sports
  • Competitions
  • Events
  • Field trips

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Draw on the Learning Coach Community

As a Learning Coach, you play a key role in your student’s educational journey, and K12 is here to support you every step of the way. We offer engaging online resources — like lesson guides, videos, the K12 app, and more — to help you drive student success.

Discover Learning Coach Life

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Dedicate Space for Success

Your child’s surroundings play a big role in how well they focus, absorb material, and enjoy learning. To set them up for success, try designating one workstation for everyday academics, and another space for more involved activities, like science labs or art projects.

Create a Schedule

A structured schedule, consistent routines, and a thorough plan help students succeed. Planning not only helps children feel more confident because their activities are predictable and familiar, but it also helps them build time management skills.
We’ve created daily and monthly planners that you can download and complete to help you and your child keep track of all their activities.

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What Parents Say

K12’s personalized, transformative learning opportunities help families like yours all across the country. Here’s what some parents say about the K12 experience:

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“We tried K12 because of COVID-19 concerns, but we decided to stay because we have two girls with completely different educational needs. K12 is able to meet every single one of them.”

Tiffany, parent of students in Texas, 2021

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“I was very impressed with K12’s social clubs. They offer a lot of extracurricular clubs, and optional class connects with meet and greets, lunch and learns, and special speakers — they have all of these great opportunities.”

Tina, parent of a student in Virginia, 2021

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“I like online school because my kids get more out of their education now than what I could provide as a homeschool parent. The curriculum is much more rigorous.”

Brandi, parent of a 5th grade student

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The Ultimate Enrollment Checklist

Take a look at our handy enrollment checklist to discover the ways you can connect and help your student thrive.

The Checklist

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Enroll Your Student

K12 online schools are a great alternative to traditional education. Choose an exceptional educational experience and a brighter future for your child with a program that flexes to your family’s needs.

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