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Learning Loss Prevention

While learning loss may have skyrocketed during the pandemic, our data shows that K12 students have resisted this trend — and are continually learning and thriving in an online setting.

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Nine Ways K12 Protects Your Child From Learning Disruptions

Learning disruptions continue to impact more than one million of the nation’s 50 million public school students.1 Meanwhile, K12 students continue to make educational gains and have experienced increased passing and graduation rates in recent years.

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  • World-class coursework is available 24/7.
  • Teachers are readily available.
  • Flexible learning options keep students engaged.
  • Social forums connect friends.
  • Consistent routines and expectations set up success.
  • Assured physical safety allows greater focus on studies.
  • Parents can get more involved.
  • Students meet their graduation goals.
  • Regular reading assessments guide interventions, if needed, to ensure students are hitting milestones.

How Families Navigate Uncertainty with K12

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Harlan Family

With the uncertainty of school closures, the Harlans found comfort in K12’s consistency.

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Roach Family

The Roach family chose K12’s personalized learning experience to help their daughter, who has autism, thrive.

What Parents Say About K12

Parents choose K12 for our powerful programming, state-accredited teachers, engaging coursework, active support community, and interactive curricula.2

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More than 80%

of parents are satisfied with the K12 curricula.3

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2x as many parents

find K12 course materials more effective than other online school options.

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3x as many parents

find K12 teachers more competent in operating in an online classroom than other online educators.

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94% of parents

were satisfied with their K12 elementary school teachers, compared to 81% of brick-and-mortar elementary school parents.4

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91% of K12 parents

felt satisfied with their child’s education, compared to 86% of brick-and-mortar school parents.5

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91% of parents

are likely to recommend K12 to others. 5

Attendance Matters

K12 students love learning — and it shows in our exceptional 97% attendance rate.2 Regular attendance ensures students remain engaged and continue progressing without falling behind due to illness, shifting family schedules, or the summer slide.

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  • Strong family onboarding to online learning
  • Support from local and national K12 community
  • Live online classes offering student participation
  • Proactive instructor intervention

Prevent Learning Loss with K12

K12’s flexible curricula includes full-time, part-time, and supplemental options to tackle learning loss head-on. Enroll in full-time studies that are always online and available when you are. You can also supplement a current homeschool routine or traditional studies with fun, enriching K12 courses.

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“My former school was not what one would describe as an ideal place to learn. There were loud voices all around me, and I had no option but to sit down all day and participate in classes that weren’t very engaging. I felt physically and mentally trapped at that school”


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“Online schooling at Stride is like having a superpower, allowing me much more personal flexibility. By choosing to attend an online school, you get the ability to work wherever you please, as long as the location has internet.”


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“Career prep has me ready for life beyond high school … [it] gave me more time to spend with my family, and to enjoy extracurricular activities, or just do anything that I like to do in my free time.”


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“Working by myself with no distractions allows me to get my lessons done while at the same time conserving all my social energy. This allows me to look forward to spending time with friends and family later in the evening.”


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“Flexible schedules with online schools can help students do their work at times during the day that are optimal for their individual schedules and also work within their own peak energy hours. Flexible online school scheduling gives students the chance to work ahead on their assignments too.”


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