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Questions to Ask a Mentor: Advice from Top Leaders in Nursing


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Mo money – How to grow your business idea for more income


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Career Learning with Stride


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Coping with COVID

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Happiness Calendar—Taking Care of You

Using a “Happiness Calendar” from Berkeley’s Greater Good Magazine, find some time for your own self-care. As the saying goes, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”
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Finding Your Joy in the Midst of Crisis

Making time for whatever brings you joy has never been more important. Join us as we explore ways to find joy during challenging times, including bringing joy to at-home learning!
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Five Tips for a More Productive Workday

New to working from home? Learn five of the top tips for making your workday more productive!
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Parent Resources

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Kindergarten Scavenger Hunt

Are you and your kindergartener tired of doing worksheets on sight words and counting? Join us for an activity idea that will get your kindergartener up and moving while also learning!
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Teaching Strategies to Help Struggling Readers

Do you know the ONE THING that has the biggest impact on helping a struggling reader of any age? Join us as we model a read aloud and discuss the habits of good readers.
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Three Engagement Tools for Students

Looking for ways to make schooling from home exciting? Join us for an interactive session where we will share three innovative tools you can use to keep your learner engaged throughout their day.
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Online School Options

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K12 General Info Session

Join us for an in-depth look at K12 powered learning options, including public school at home. Learn about the K12 curriculum, the role of Learning Coaches and teachers, and student organizations and clubs as well as other benefits of online learning. Watch this online broadcast to see how personalized education can work for any ONE!

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How Online Teaching Works

Online teachers have a lot of similarities to teachers who work in brick-and-mortar schools (in fact, many of them have taught both ways!). Hear from a panel of K12-powered teachers about how they engage with students, how they use real-time data in class, how they work with colleagues, and more.

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School Leaders and Educators

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School Solutions for Crisis Preparedness

Join us for an informational briefing on school solutions for crisis preparedness, including access to ready-built technology platforms, state-licensed educators and teacher training, and standards-aligned curriculum.

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You’ve Got This! Use What You Know to Deliver Instruction Live Online

Seasoned online instructors will guide you on best practices for management and facilitation of online instruction and how to make your live classroom sessions a success!

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Other Webinars

You can access past webinars through the links in this library. Find the topics that interest you or browse through each one to learn more about different aspects of online learning and other important issues to the K12 community.

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Kindergarten Readiness

The first five years for a child are important for learning social skills, basic language and numeracy, motor skills, and more. Learn about what makes young children ready for kindergarten and tips on how to prepare your little one from early learning specialist, Dr. Melissa King.
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How To Bring Kindergarten Home

Your child’s education experience is one of the most important decisions you can make. Learn more about taking an online learning approach with a K12-powered school from four experienced kindergarten teachers.
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Bullying can impact the whole family. Learn strategies to help students you know and signs to watch for from professional anti-bullying speaker, Fabian Ramirez.
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Secondary Virtual Teachers Rock

Join us as we take a peek inside the life of secondary virtual teachers. During this session, participants will learn strategies to engage middle and high school students, tools and resources to support virtual learning, and tips for building relationships with students in the virtual environment.
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Techniques for Engaging Students in Zoom

Do you want to improve your ability to engage your students in Zoom? Learn how to masterfully use breakout rooms, whiteboards, annotation, and polling features to increase the collaboration in your Zoom Classroom. You don’t want to miss this session.
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NearPod to the Rescue!

Come join me as we learn how to create engaging, interactive lessons in minutes using Nearpod. As an online educator, I am constantly looking for ways to keep my primary students engaged. Nearpod has helped me create a classroom environment that is inviting, allows my students to be active participants in each lesson, and provides me with instant access to student progress. In this webinar, I will give you an overview and demonstration of a live Nearpod lesson. I am excited to share with you how I use Nearpod with my students and hope to brainstorm with you about how to use it your class!
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Project-based Learning is a Piece of Cake

In this PBL kickoff class,students will learn about various project roles in a fun and exciting way! In this class,we will bake a virtual cake and learn about how this applies to PBL. Students choose different roles in making a cake. This will help change the way we think about learning and introduce PBL to the students. This ‘bake a cake’ scenario can be translated to any project to help students grasp Project Based Learning.
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Back to School: K12 Special Programs

Please join seasoned educator, Jenny Kendall sharing experiences in serving students with disabilities in a virtual session. This engaging and interactive session will allow for prospective or newly hired special educators to turn their brick and mortar experiences into virtual learning opportunities for the students they will serve. Resources, tips, tricks and ample time for specific questions will be provided for all attendees.
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Stride Nursing Club

Hear from nurses from around the country as they share their career journeys and learn about the many types of in-demand nursing positions that are available for individuals of all education levels. Visit the Stride Nursing Club page to watch recordings of past speakers and register for upcoming session.
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Frequently Asked Questions: Episode 1

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. Episode 1 covers topics such as submitting an application, finding a K12-powered option in your state, accessing the parent portal, submitting enrollment documents, and information on materials and shipping.
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Frequently Asked Questions: Episode 2

Join us for episode 2, which focuses on topics important for enrolled families. We’re here to help you get off to a strong start. You’ll learn how to set up Learning Coach and student accounts as well as how to log in to the online school. 
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Frequently Asked Questions: Episode 3

Listen in to episode 3 to find out more about the elementary student experience. You’ll also take a quick tour of the online school, hear about parent resources, and learn how to use the K12 app to view student progress.
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