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Podcasts and Webinars

Join an immersive experience and discover valuable resources through our list of education-focused podcasts and webinars. Our webinars offer tips and advice for parents as their students navigate their learning journey, while our podcasts deliver informative insight into the current trends of education with help from expert guest speakers. Listen and learn below and explore our offerings!

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Featured Webinar: 2022 Info Session

K12 has been a leader in online K–12 education since 2000! Stride seeks to empower students to learn in the ways that are best for them, at their own pace and in their own place. The online schools offer a variety of educational experiences and social opportunities, as well as college and career prep programs for high school students. See why more than 2 million students have chosen K12-powered online schools for their learning needs.



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Featured Podcast: What is the Role of the Parent in Online Learning?

In this episode of our “K12 On Learning” podcast, we explore the role of the parent in online schools. Learning Coach Corrie Munson discusses why she chose an online school for her children and the responsibilities that came with it.



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