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Online teachers committed to your child’s success

K12-powered online teachers don’t just teach. They’re passionate about helping students flourish and thrive. They inspire, instill confidence, encourage, know, and believe in their students.

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K12-powered teachers are state-certified.

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Many have advanced degrees and years of experience in online and brick-and-mortar schools.

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They’re specially trained in online instruction methods.

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They participate in ongoing professional development.

K12 Celebrates Teachers Everywhere

Teachers rise to meet challenges daily. This was especially true recently when schools across the country turned to online environments—many for the first time. K12 was there to help share over 20 years of experience and expertise, and teachers at K12-powered schools showed up for others while continuing to empower students in their classrooms. In fact, K12-powered students in all grades saw more gains in math and reading than national averages in 2020.

More About Learning Loss Study

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How Online Learning Works for Teachers

Tune in as a panel of teachers at K12-powered schools share what a day in the life of an online educator looks like.


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Online Teachers: In Their Own Words

Hear directly from K12-powered teachers how virtual instruction works and how they interact and connect with students.

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Students, families and teachers on what they like about K12

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Math linked to everyday life

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Adjusted to the home environment

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Opportunity to develop relationships

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“The frontier of education”

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K12 Celebrates Teachers Everywhere

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