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Explore career interests while you learn.

Your career has a major impact on your life, so doesn’t it make sense for school to focus on traditional academics as well as what comes next? Stride Career Prep thinks outside of the box with learning that prepares students for the real-world—whether that be going to college or straight into a career after graduation.

The Stride Career Prep program exposes students to the possibilities for a lifelong career while they’re still in school. Learning the ins and outs of different industries, shadowing professionals, and getting hands-on experience helps them build the skills they’ll use in their adult lives. In addition to the K12-powered schools that offer Stride Career Prep, there is a tuition-based option that lets students stay at their local school and participate in career courses and activities on a part-time, more flexible basis through K12 Private Academy. And the Stride company offers a variety of options for students to continue their learning as a lifelong pursuit in independent courses, career bootcamps, and more.

The Stride Career Prep program

Watch the video to see how Stride Career Prep students are preparing for careers in business.

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Real-world skills. Scholastic environment.

The Stride Career Prep approach consists of problem-solving techniques, project-based learning, and different real-world skill set development.* This combination helps students to succeed in their academic classes, as well as learn the technical and professional skills that will help them succeed when they join the workforce.¹

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Problem solving, critical thinking, innovation, and creativity

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Ability to deal with complexity and ambiguity

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Career Fields

Our career fields offer possibilities to any student looking towards their future.* They include:

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Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

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Business Management & Administration

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Criminal Justice & Community Services

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Education & Training

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Engineering & Manufacturing

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Health Sciences

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Hospitality & Tourism

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Information Technology (IT)

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Visual Arts & Communications

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Whether your student is looking for exposure to possible career options, training for a chosen field, or even looking to prepare for industry-specific certification exams, Stride Career Prep has an option to suit their needs.*

Hear from Our Students

See what students have to say about their experiences. Their statements reflect their experiences at their specific K12-powered schools respectively.

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“I want to go into the pediatric side of healthcare because I really love children and I would love to help little kids. The classes I’ve taken have really excelled my knowledge in that and made me want to do that even more.”

Kierra, studying health and human services†††

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“I learned how to program the character to move, to run, and to jump. We had to make enemy structures and create a map. It was fun to adjust the mass of the enemies.”

Anthony, studying coding††

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“I only need one more credit to graduate, but I’m taking 5 classes purely because I enjoy it.”

Makyna, studying business administration††††

The Stride Career Prep Student Advisory Council is made up of student leaders who represent Stride Career Prep programs across the country. They post on social profiles, write blogs, participate in webinars, and more. 

¹Source: Society for Human Resource Management.
*Opportunities vary by school; please visit your school page or check with your school counselor.
**Stride Career Prep is a program for grades 9–12. At some schools, career exploration is offered in middle school.
Many Microsoft®️ Office certificates can be earned after completing one course. Other certificates require more classes to be better prepared, and students who participate in the program for at least two years will have further preparation for certification testing.
††Anthony is a 2020 student at a K12-powered school in Ohio, and his statement reflects her experience at her school.
†††Kierra is a 2020 student at a K12-powered school in Colorado, and her statement reflects her experience at her school.
††††Makyna is a 2020 student at a K12-powered school in Colorado, and her statement reflects her experience at her school.