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Online Credit Recovery High School Programs and Courses

Designed for students who didn’t pass a subject the first time, K12’s high school credit recovery programs help students get back on track. We use new approaches to teach unlearned concepts, letting students move past material they’ve already mastered.

Offered throughout the year, the credit recovery program gives students the flexibility to fit courses in when it best suits their schedule.

Credit Recovery High School Courses

We offer online credit recovery course options across subjects, including English, math, science, history, and electives. Course availability varies by school and is subject to change. Here are some example offerings that may be available to your student:

English 9
English 10
American Literature
British and World Literature
Algebra I
Integrated Mathematics I
Integrated Mathematics II
Algebra II
Integrated Mathematics III
Physical Science
Earth Science
World History
Modern World Studies
U.S. History
Modern U.S. History
U.S. Government and Politics*
U.S. and Global Economics*
Spanish I
Physical Education*
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How does the credit recovery high school program work?

Our online credit recovery high school courses work much like our online school programs. Courses can be started at any time and can be completed from anywhere there’s an internet connection. Families and schools work together on solutions for students who were previously enrolled in a course but did not achieve a passing grade.

Our credit recovery program provides course work that students can complete independently. Credit is awarded at the discretion of a student’s individual school.

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Why Enroll in an Online Credit Recovery High School Course

Many students may face circumstances that prevent them from earning passing grades in one or more of their courses. K12’s credit recovery courses are designed to help students get back on track if they have courses they haven’t passed and would still like credit in. Our high school credit recovery programs help ensure students have all they need to graduate.

More students may find themselves in this situation following the COVID-19 pandemic. With school closures and the hurried development of interim schooling solutions, learning was interrupted and may have made course completion more difficult for some high school students. Our credit recovery courses are available for anyone who may have faced learning disruptions and wants to steer their academics back onto the right path.

Tuition-Based Credit Recovery Summer School Program

For some students, summer might be the best time to catch up. We offer a tuition-based online summer school program with affordable credit recovery options. Summer school versions are typically four weeks for a one-semester course and eight weeks for a two-semester course.


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Get Started with Online Credit Recovery High School Courses

It’s never too late to get your student’s academics back on track. Contact your school for details or call 866.529.0167 to speak with an enrollment consultant about high school credit recovery programs and tuition-based summer school offerings.

*This is a one-semester course.