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About K12

A Nationwide Leader in Alternative Homeschooling Options

For over 20 years, Stride K12 has been a leader in providing alternatives to K through 12 homeschool programs by offering hands-on, quality online curriculum directly to the students and families we support. Through K12-powered homeschool alternative options, students learn beyond the bounds of a traditional brick-and-mortar education—with flexibility and personalization, they can grow at their own pace, wherever an internet connection is available.

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The K12 Mission

Our goal is to help learners of all ages reach their full potential through inspired teaching and personalized learning.

Over 2 million students have chosen K12-powered schooling as an alternative to K–12 homeschooling. While we’re not a K through 12 homeschool program, K12-powered online schools provide students with a quality education that meets them where they are and helps them realize a brighter future. Each day, we work to better address the needs of our students and families and continue helping them on their journey to online learning success.

K12 Values

K12 employees work tirelessly to imPACT the lives of students and their families through:

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How to School at Home

Discover how students can thrive from the comfort of their own home with a K–12 homeschooling alternative, powered by K12.

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