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College Prep Resources for High School Students

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Preparing for college

Preparing for college is an exciting time in a student’s educational journey. K12-powered students can greet the transition to college with a strong academic and social foundation. Discover how K12-powered schools help students reach their full potential through graduation and beyond with these college prep resources.

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Dual Credit

Your student can begin preparing for college immediately by earning college credits while still in high school. Dual enrollment can be beneficial if your student has shown interest or ability in greater academic rigor. Students can save time spent in a postsecondary degree program and explore academic and career fields in greater depth prior to choosing a major.

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Success Coaches

College prep can include advice from professional career coaches. K12-powered students have exclusive access to our Success Coaches. They can schedule one-to-one meetings with our coaches who offer advice on preparing for college, financial aid, creating a resume while in high school, networking, interviewing, internships, and more!

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Applying to College

Don’t let the application timeline and process come as a surprise. Explore the college prep information that will help your student put their best foot forward during application time. Learn more about when to begin the application process and what to expect.

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Explore other college prep resources provided by K12 to help set your student up for post-graduation success.

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College Acceptances

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Applying for College Scholarships

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Not Your Typical Career Quiz

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