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K12 Graduation Guarantee

Congratulations, new graduates!

We celebrate the accomplishments of all graduates from K12-powered schools. We are honored to have been part of your educational journey and can’t wait to see you take charge of your future!

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We’re so excited about graduation, we guarantee it.

At K12-powered schools, graduation rates have risen steadily over the past five years thanks to excellence in teaching and online learning support, personalized graduation plans, and individual counseling. We are so confident in our proven online learning approach that we guarantee eligible students enrolled in K12-powered public schools will graduate with a high school diploma.

Your future is out there. Don’t wait for it.

Dropping out of high school is a nationwide problem, with 2 million students leaving school before graduating each year. According to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, workers without a high school diploma have the highest rate of unemployment and the lowest median weekly earnings.

*Whatever the future holds, a high school diploma can help you reach your full potential. Land a better-paying job in a career in your field of interest. Plus, it sets you up to attend college—be it a four-year university, community college, or online university—if that’s what you decide to do after high school graduation or sometime in the future.

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Land a better-paying job

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Launch a career based on your interests

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Get set to attend a 2- or 4-year college or university in the future

K12 guarantees that eligible students enrolled in a K12-powered full-time public school will graduate from high school. Suppose a student doesn’t attain the necessary credits to graduate at their K12-powered public school before reaching the age limit at their school. In that case, we will cover tuition at a K12 private school of K12’s choice or provide other remediation until the student has sufficient credits to earn a high school diploma.

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All students enrolled in K12-powered full-time online public school programs are eligible for the Graduation Guarantee providing they have attended a K12-powered high school program for the full school year until the maximum age limit of their school program as provided by state law or regulation (e.g., 21 years old or 22 years old for special needs students).

Eligibility requirements to enroll in a K12-powered public school program vary by state and school and are based on existing policies determined by the school’s board or governing body and/or the state department of education.

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  1. Students must be enrolled in a K12-powered full-time public school program and remain enrolled for the full school year prior to reaching the maximum age limit of their school program as provided by state law or regulation.
  2. Once enrolled, students must meet with their guidance counselor or other school administrator to create a graduation plan at the beginning of the school year and review it annually. Currently enrolled students, sign up now to meet with your guidance counselor and be enrolled in the K12 Graduation Guarantee program.
  3. If a student ages out of their K12-powered full-time online public school program, they will be enrolled in a K12 private school of K12’s choice, or provided other remediation, until they have sufficient credits to earn a high school diploma.
  4. Students must complete a minimum of five (5) courses at the K12-powered private school to earn a diploma. Three of the five courses must be career-based. These courses provide an opportunity for students to explore career options and envision their post-high school plans.
  5. K12 private school courses are mastery-based, which means students can complete the courses at their preferred pace. It is possible for a student to complete five courses in as little as five months.

Celebrate with some recent K12-powered graduates who are taking charge of life after high school!

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