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We’re here to help prepare you for life after high school―whether you need a résumé, tips for a job search, or interview prep. 

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“Working with Stride as an intern, [I found] their education beliefs, their community beliefs, and their inclusion beliefs have exceeded what I thought and they lined up to what they’re saying.”

-Daysha, High School Intern, 20211

Internship and Job Search Tools

Getting a job or internship in high school allows you to see what it’s like in a specific industry, job, and future career path―all while gaining valuable real-world skills and experience. School counselors or teachers can help you search or see roles at K12. Some internships are paid, while others are not.

Check Out These Job Search Tools:

K12 Star 1 image High School Internship Playbook
K12 Star 1 image Find the Right Internship
K12 Star 1 image Job Search Tracking Sheet
K12 Star 1 image Networking―Who do you know?
K12 Star 1 image Occupational Research Activity

Résumé Tips and Resources

Use these tools to learn how to create a résumé, talk about yourself, and showcase your experiences to get the perfect job or internship.

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Résumé Do’s and Don’ts
Watch the Video

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How to Make a Résumé With No Experience
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Student Activity Tracking Sheet
Organize Your Activities >

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Elevator Pitch Template
Draft Yours >

Interview With Confidence

The purpose of an interview is for a company to learn about you and for you to learn about them and the role. You can prepare by researching the company, practicing common questions, and learning how to communicate your experience.

K12 Interviewing Tips for Teens image

Interviewing Tips for Teens
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Introduce Yourself With Confidence
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K12 Common Interview Questions image

Common Interview Questions Explained
See the Questions

K12 Interview Like ΓC¿a Pro 1 image

Interview Like a Pro
Watch the Video

K12 3 Tips to Ace ΓC¿Your Interview image

3 Tips to Ace Your Interview
Read the Article

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Professional Communication for Teens
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Get Matched to Careers, Internships, and More

Join thousands of students who’ve reached their full potential with Tallo. Fill out a free profile to get instantly matched to scholarships, colleges, careers, internships, and more.

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Set Yourself Up for Success With a K12 Career Coach

Whether you’re looking to practice interviewing, explore industries, or craft a compelling résumé, our K12 career coaches can help you build the skills and confidence to get ahead.


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Learn More About Career Coaching

Questions? You can also contact the team at [email protected]

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Entrepreneurship Exploration

More than 60% of high school students across the nation are entrepreneurs. It’s a way to make an impact, solve a problem, earn income, and develop critical skills for your next step.

K12 Star 1 image Entrepreneurship Resource Center for High School Students
K12 Star 1 image Download the GenZ Entrepreneurship Guide
K12 Star 1 image Entrepreneurship Career Pathway

More Resources for Students

Prepare for your next step with tools and tips for networking, virtual job fairs, and more.

K12 IMG How to Kickstart Your Career Early 1 image

Kickstart Your Career Early
Read More >

K12 IMG The Power of Networking 1 image

The Power of Networking
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K12 IMG What the Job Search Looks Like for Teens 1 image

What the Job Search Looks Like for Teens
Read More >

K12 IMG Prepare for Jobs of the Future 3 image

Prepare for Jobs of the Future
Read More >

K12 IMG Seasonal Job Opportunities 2 image

Build Your Résumé With Seasonal Job Opportunities
Read More >

K12 IMG How to Kickstart Your Career Early 1 image

Choose the Right Career Path
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K12 Prepare for Virtual Job Fairs image

Prepare for Virtual Job Fairs
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K12 Wow Employers at Job Fairs image

Wow Employers at Job Fairs
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K12 Networking Tips 1 image

Networking Tips
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1Daysha was a 2021 intern at K12, and their statement reflects their experience.