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Online Learning vs. Traditional Public School

Discover what sets online learning apart from traditional in-person school and see what’s best for your family.

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How are online and traditional public schools similar?

K12-powered online public schools and traditional public schools have many things in common, including:

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  • Tuition-free enrollment.
  • Courses taught by state-certified teachers
  • Collaborative group work and project-based learning
  • Social opportunities and extracurricular activities
  • Online and in-person events
  • A traditional school year calendar
  • Adherence to all state testing requirements

What sets online learning apart?

Instead of commuting to school every day, online students learn in virtual classrooms—from teachers specially trained in online instruction. Free from rigid schedules and distracting environments, each child can progress at their own pace—in the comfort of their own place. Online learning with K12 allows you to customize your child’s education in a way that suits your schedule and empowers them to explore their interests.

All students at K12-powered schools are supported by a strong curriculum and consistent academic guidance aligned with their unique learning styles.

Learning occurs through live online instruction and discussion, virtual quizzes and assessments, and offline assignments. Students can also connect with peers, post on message boards, and explore in-person extracurricular activities.

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What other opportunities does online school offer?

Traditional public schools don’t typically support flexible schedules or offer a wide range of course options. Online schooling powered by K12 goes above and beyond to provide students and families with more schedule flexibility and course customization. We also offer:

How involved are parents?

Parents of students at K12-powered schools play an integral part in their child’s education, serving as Learning Coaches to guide student success. Learning Coaches provide ongoing academic support and guidance—keeping students on track and communicating with their teachers.

As Learning Coaches, parents are typically more involved than traditional public school parents. Time commitments vary by grade level, but all Learning Coaches get dedicated support from K12 through supplementary materials and an active online community.

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What does the online school experience look like?

K12 takes a comprehensive approach to online learning, offering a combination of live virtual instruction and offline activities. Students complete interactive activities, participate in offline and online assignments, take quizzes, and explore extracurricular activities or clubs that speak to their unique interests.

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Is a K12-powered online school right for my family?

Take our self-assessment to determine whether K12-powered online school meets your family’s needs.

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*K12 guarantees that students who continuously attend a K12-powered school for grades 1–3 will read on grade level by the end of 3rd grade. If not, we will provide extra support for those learners until they read on level, at no cost to you. K12-powered schools are schools and school districts that use a suite of curriculum and services from K12 and that K12 reports internally as K12-powered programs. Students must continue to meet the eligibility and policy requirements of their schools and states to continue their enrollment. Click here for full details about the eligibility requirements.