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It’s never too soon to start building a strong academic foundation. Discover the K12-powered online preschool program that prepares early learners for kindergarten. Introducing online preschool learning can make learning fun and interactive for your three- to six-year-old. Learn more about the engaging online preschool programs powered by K12 and designed to capture attention and spark a love of learning.

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How can my child participate in a K12-powered online preschool program?

K12’s online preschool curriculum, called Embark, is great for parents who want to play a larger role in their child’s early education. It can be used as the primary curriculum or to augment traditional preschool models, giving your child’s education a jump start.
Embark features more than 1,200 interactive online preschool activities across 18 thematic units in language arts, science, math, social studies, music, and art. These age-appropriate activities engage children using interactive multimedia and hands-on materials.


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Game-based learning can compel young learners to work hard, rewarding their desire to learn. Stride™ is an adaptive learning solution for children, with more than 950 age-appropriate activities. Understand your young learner’s progress with user-friendly dashboards that highlight their growth in each thematic unit.


What is K12’s online preschool curriculum like?

K12-powered online preschool programs are designed to ignite a love of learning in young children as they prepare for kindergarten. Enriching curriculum and hands-on activities are suited for ages 3–6 and cover six subjects.

Online preschool learners develop readiness skills related to comprehension, phonics, language skills, and literature.

Learners are introduced to numbers and further learn how to order and group them. Math curriculum also focuses on shape recognition and patterns.

Learners begin to develop observation skills and a recognition of the five senses. Example activities include discussions about the weather, the human heart, and animals.

Learners are introduced to facts about the world around them, including people and the way they live and interact.

Learners exercise their creativity as they practice their imagination and experimentation with shapes, lines, and colors.

Learners combine creativity with movement as they clap, jump, and dance, exploring different ways they can create music.

How does online preschool help prepare my young learner?

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Kindergarten Readiness

We empower students to learn in the ways that are best for them—in their own place and at their own pace. Students enter kindergarten at different stages of readiness. Learn more about the domains of kindergarten readiness and how to prepare your child for success.

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Tune in to learn about the importance of kindergarten readiness, checklists to walk through, and more.


The Kindergarten Experience with K12

Teachers from K12-powered schools discuss the kindergarten experience with K12 and what you can expect for your student. Learn about customized instruction and coursework designed to help your student reach their full potential.

Watch the Webinar

Tune in to learn about the importance of kindergarten readiness, checklists to walk through, and more.

Succeed with Online Learning

It’s never too early to focus on learning and preparing your child for kindergarten. K12 online preschool curriculum offers age-appropriate, interactive activities. We’re committed to your family’s success with online learning.

The Right Tools

Curious about K12-powered learning? Explore these resources to help you get off on the right foot and greet your student’s learning journey with confidence.