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Every teen is different, so why do schools use the same approach for every student? With an individualized learning journey from K12, you can empower your child to reach their full potential.

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How Online High School Works

K12 online high school provides the same accredited education as traditional school, with a robust curriculum, flexible schedule, and online learning system designed to meet your child’s unique needs. Foster your teen’s unique interests and help them shine with a quality online education.

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Attend live online classes led by state-certified teachers, complete assignments, watch videos, and take quizzes.

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Participate in live discussions, post on message boards, and connect with peers.

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Reinforce learning with clubs, activities, and offline assignments.

What Does the Online High School Experience Look Like?

Students access their daily lessons through the K12 platform, and attend live online classes led by state-certified teachers. Classes blend independent learning opportunities with peer collaboration and teacher guidance.

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Is Online High School Right for Your Child?

Online high school empowers your child to take charge of their learning. K12 combines tried-and-true teaching methods with 21st century technology for a unique and engaging learning experience.

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Student-Centered Curriculum

K12 high school empowers you and your child to choose a curriculum that works best for your schedule, lifestyle, and your child’s needs. Through their courses, students can explore career interests and find a post-graduation path that suits them. They can also choose from a wide range of online courses, including on-level, required, credit recovery, honors, and Advanced Placement options.


Meet Your All-Star Learning Team

As a parent, you play an active role by partnering with your child and their teachers — while K12 provides resources, advice, and support through an online parent community. Discover how your student can reach their full potential through inspired teaching and personalized learning.

The Learning Coach’s Role

Every student works with a Learning Coach — a parent, guardian, or trusted adult — for support, guidance, and motivation while they grow as independent learners. Learning Coaches typically spend 1-3 hours per day supporting their student, depending on the child’s needs.

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The Teacher’s Role

Students learn from state-certified teachers who are passionate about and trained in online learning methods.  Educators lead live online classes, monitor progress and attendance, and offer help sessions and office hours to ensure your student has access to personalized, one-on-one attention.

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The Student’s Role

While students have the flexibility to complete most assignments online in a way that meets their unique needs, K12 also offers opportunities for in-person learning. Students are empowered to work with greater independence at this level, but still have regular classes with teachers and peers.

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  • The Learning Coach’s Role
  • The Teacher’s Role
  • The Student’s Role

Social Connections

Watch your teen’s face light up with joy when they meet new friends, explore fun interests, or find an activity they love. Between participating in their local school’s extracurriculars and joining K12’s 50+ exclusive online clubs, your child can forge lasting bonds with peers close to home and across the country — all while having a blast.

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From extracurricular clubs, to field trips, to key milestones like prom, high school students enjoy all the same opportunities for social enrichment with K12 as they do at traditional schools.

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As a Learning Coach, you can help your student communicate, collaborate, and thrive with others inside and outside the home. Learn more about the role family and peers play in your child’s socialization.

Guide Your Student Toward a Bright Future

Now is the time for your student to start thinking about their future. With career prep and our graduation guarantee, K12 students are set up for success long after high school.

Discover a Post-Graduate Path

Encourage students to start preparing for their future out in the real world. The K12 curriculum helps teens explore career options and discover their passions, so they can enter college or the workforce with a clear path forward.

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K12 Graduation Guarantee

A high school diploma is essential to your teen’s future. With our graduation guarantee, all eligible students enrolled in K12 high school earn a diploma — setting them up for long-term success on any path they choose.


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An Award-Winning Education

K12 has been recognized with awards and accolades for meeting the highest standards for curriculum, educational management, and technology.

  • Cognia-accredited
  • Award-winning curriculum
  • Research-backed curriculum
  • State-certified teachers


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K12 online schools are a great alternative to traditional education. Choose an exceptional educational experience and a brighter future for your child with a program that flexes to your family’s needs.

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