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K12 On Learning Podcast

Online teachers, parents, and students are working together to make online education at home a success. In this podcast, we’re sharing their stories.

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The K12 Podcast: On Learning

Hear from diverse leaders in education as we discuss learning solutions for online school, homeschool, education pathways, and topics of interest to online students and parents. Subscribe to K12 On Learning and hear new episodes on a variety of topics that are important to families and students as they move forward in each stage of their educational journey. Find answers, information, and inspiration for every step of your child’s online learning journey including motivation, anti-bullying, student preparedness, career education opportunities, digital citizenship, and more.

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Featured podcast:

What is the Role of the Parent in Online Learning?

In this episode of our “K12 On Learning” podcast, we explore the role of the parent in online schools. Learning Coach Corrie Munson discusses why she chose an online school for her children and the responsibilities that came with it.

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