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Online Advanced Placement® (AP®) and Honors Courses

Is your student looking for an extra challenge?

If your student needs more of a challenge to reach their full potential, K12 has options to keep them engaged and set up for a successful future. Whether that future includes college or career, many K12-powered schools offer online AP® and honors courses to give advanced learners the skills, discipline, and independence for whatever comes next.

To enroll in AP® or honors courses at select K12-powered schools, your child may be required to complete the following*:

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Successfully complete any prerequisites

Prerequisites may include courses, minimum GPA, or placement exams.

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Obtain a recommendation from a teacher or school counselor

Teachers and counselors help determine academic readiness.

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Have a strong interest in the subject

Students thrive when they are motivated to learn.

K12 Online AP® Courses

In addition to the opportunity for eligible students to earn college credits through dual enrollment options, AP® courses can also enable students to explore college-level curriculum while still in high school. By passing required exams, students may be able to earn credit for a jump start in college.

AP® courses follow curriculum specified by the College Board. They are designed to help prepare students to take the AP® exam in a particular subject. A student’s exam score may allow them to receive college credit, as determined by the college.

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Explore the online AP® courses available:**

AP® Art HistoryAP® U.S. Government and Politics
AP® Statistics
AP® Computer Science PrinciplesAP® MacroeconomicsAP® Biology
AP® Computer Science AAP® MicroeconomicsAP® Chemistry
AP® English Language and CompositionAP® PsychologyAP® Environmental Science
AP® English Literature and CompositionAP® World HistoryAP® Spanish Language and Culture
AP® U.S. HistoryAP® Calculus ABAP® French Language and Culture

K12 Online Honors Courses

Online honors courses at K12-powered schools are designed for students mastering concepts at a fast pace and interested in more challenging curriculum. Honors courses require a high level of independence and self-discipline, both valuable skills for success in the future.

Students in honors courses synthesize and evaluate information and concepts from multiple sources and read texts typically assigned in college-level classes. Students also demonstrate college-level writing in essays that require analysis of primary and secondary sources, responsible use of evidence, and comprehensive citation of sources.

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Explore the online honors courses available:**

Honors English 9Honors U.S. History
Honors English 10Honors Modern U.S. History
Honors American LiteratureHonors Earth Science
Honors British and World LiteratureHonors Biology
Honors World HistoryHonors Chemistry
Honors Modern World HistoryHonors Physics

What else do K12-powered schools offer advanced learners?

K12 offers personalized learning opportunities for students of all abilities, providing tools that allow them to work at their own pace. To discuss your child’s advanced needs and goals, please contact your school.

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The Support Your Student Deserves

With the rigors of advanced studies can come added stress. K12-powered schools provide teachers and staff who specialize in online learning and are trained to recognize the signs of mental health challenges. We are committed to ensuring your student excels in a safe, supportive environment.

Learn more about K12’s commitment to mental health.


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Discover the Benefits of Online School for Advanced Learners

Help your child reach their full potential in a safe, secure learning environment that can set them up for future success.


*Requirements vary by school.
**Course lists vary by school and are subject to change.