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Building a Roadmap to a Rewarding Career

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Explore Career Opportunities

For more than 20 years, students have relied on K12’s innovative, personalized online education. With Career Prep, a career readiness program for middle and high school students, your child can prepare for their professional future while tackling educational requirements. 

Students can also access exclusive support services like internships, career coaching, networking opportunities, and career clubs — actively exploring avenues that spark passion and purpose.

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With Career Prep, your child can:

  • Take career-related courses to learn about in-demand industries
  • Build work experience, industry exposure, and a professional network
  • Learn valuable skills that can be applied in real-world scenarios
  • Earn college credits and prepare for certification exams

Career Prep is available at K12-powered schools across all 50 states. Students can also remain in their local school while participating in Career Prep on a part-time, more flexible basis through K12 Private Academy.

Find The Right Internship

Students can build their resumes and develop critical real-world skills through our immersive internship opportunities.

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All Your Questions, Answered

The journey to career readiness raises a lot of questions. Our FAQ provides quick answers about online career prep. For more information, contact us at 866.968.7512.

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Choose an Industry. Map Out a Future.

Open the door to opportunity. With K12 Career Learning, students can explore a variety of career paths across ten different fields:

Education and Training

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Engineering and Manufacturing

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Health Sciences

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Hospitality and Tourism

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Information Technology

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Visual Arts and Communications

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High school students can discover their interests, explore career options, and even gain college credits through K12 Career Learning. Depending on the school, middle school students can also enroll in exploratory courses to explore the possibilities within different career fields.

Students of all ages can rely on Career Prep to guide long-term success — learning through experience, solving real-world problems, and building a personalized pathway to a rewarding career. By exploring a diverse set of professions, K12 middle and high school students can map a future aligned to their individual passions and ambitions.

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College and Career Advice From K12 Success Coaches

K12 public high school students can lean on our Success Coaches for personalized advice about building a fulfilling career. Success Coaches meet students virtually to shape compelling resumes, sharpen interviewing skills, share college preparation strategies, and more — all at no cost.

Learn More About Success Coaching

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93% of parents are satisfied with their students’ Career Prep experience.

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93% of parents feel that Career Prep helps their high school student prepare for a career.

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90% of parents are satisfied with the Career Prep curriculum.

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90% of parents are satisfied with the program’s dual-credit offerings.

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78% of K12 graduates believe they are excelling at their current job.

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74% of K12 graduates feel optimistic about their career direction.

*Opportunities vary by school; please visit your school page or check with your school counselor.
**The career and college prep program is offered to eligible high school students. Some schools also offer career exploration in middle school.
†Many Microsoft®️ Office certificates can be earned after completing one course. Other certificates require more classes to be better prepared, and students who participate in the program for at least two years will have further preparation for certification testing.
¹2020 Spring Destinations Career Academy Student Satisfaction Survey Findings, October 13, 2020
The K12-powered career readiness program, formerly Destinations Career Academy or Stride Career Prep, is now career and college prep.