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Tuition-Free Online Public Middle School

Every child learns differently and deserves the opportunity to flourish. With an individualized learning journey from K12, you can help your child navigate a transformative middle school experience.

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Tuition-Free Online Public Middle School

Every child learns differently and deserves the opportunity to flourish. With an individualized learning journey from K12, you can help your child navigate a transformative middle school experience.

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Attend live online classes led by state-certified teachers, watch educational videos, and internalize a content-rich curriculum

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Participate in live discussions, post on message boards, and connect with peers.

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Reinforce learning with clubs, activities, and offline assignments.

What Does the Online Middle School Experience Look Like?

Students who receive encouragement to pursue their curiosity and interests become independent lifelong learners. Through K12’s online platform, they’ll participate in lively small group activities and complete assignments on their own under the guidance of a Learning Coach and a state-certified teacher.

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Is Online Middle School Right For Your Child?

Students begin to build a strong academic foundation in middle school, making it a vital part of their educational journey. Online middle school provides all the same benefits as a traditional middle school — with an increased emphasis on self-guided learning, critical thinking, problem solving, and developing social skills so your child can pave their own path to success.

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Enriching K12 curricula are rooted in the principles of diverse learning styles. Middle school students take a wide range of courses in humanities, STEM, and the arts — all while discovering personal interests, preparing for standardized tests, and planning for a smooth transition to high school.


Meet Your All-Star Learning Team

Whether a parent, relative, or guardian, you play a vital role in your student’s education. As you support your child from home, our K12 educators collaborate with you by providing important resources and guidance.

The Learning Coach’s Role

As the Learning Coach, you or another reliable adult can be an invaluable partner in your child’s academic journey. On average, Learning Coaches spend 2-4 hours per day providing guidance and oversight as the student works toward mastery of online lessons and assessments.

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The Teacher’s Role

State-certified teachers trained in online instruction methods create student learning plans, monitor progress and attendance, teach live online classes, and hold online help sessions and office hours. For more information, take a moment to meet the teaching team.

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The Student’s Role

Middle school is an exciting time of discovery, exploration, and growth. With courses designed for online interactivity and engagement, students can learn at their own pace and excel, no matter their learning style. By participating in a variety of national online clubs and offline activities, students gain social skills as well as independence.

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  • The Learning Coach’s Role
  • The Teacher’s Role
  • The Student’s Role

Social Connections

There’s a world of social connection for K12 learners to discover. Meet your peers with in-class group activities. Take a local field trip or attend a social mixer. Share your science project in an online forum. Explore 50+ national online clubs and forge friendships across the country. The possibilities are endless and far beyond what a typical public school can provide.

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Tyler and his sister started an agricultural society at their school. See what parents and students have to say about the importance of social activities and opportunities.

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Veteran Learning Coach Alison explains how students develop social skills. Check out opportunities for socialization that help your child grow.

Getting a Head Start into a Bright Future

Building a deep foundation in middle school helps students excel in high school — and beyond. Children find all the tools and skills they need to succeed with K12.

Exploring Interests and Career Paths

It’s never too early for students to start thinking about their future. By taking a career explorations elective, students can dive deeper into their interests and begin to chart a path toward a bright future and fulfilling career.


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An Award-Winning Education

K12 has been recognized with awards and accolades for meeting the highest standards for curriculum, educational management, and technology.

  • Cognia-accredited
  • Award-winning curriculum
  • Research-backed curriculum
  • State-certified teachers


A Day in the Life of an Online Middle School Student

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Grade: 7

Why K12: Mari is part of a military family. They wanted a learning option that would support her mom and be flexible enough to work school around medical appointments.

Explore Her Story

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Grade: 7

Why K12: Lily’s mom likes that her two daughters can work ahead and focus on their learning rather than the distractions of a traditional school.

Explore Her Story

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Grade: 6

Why K12: Connor sought a hands-on learning option where he could take breaks, move around, and use his fidgets to focus while taking the time he needed to finish assignments.

Explore His Story

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