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Online Schools in California

Enrollment for the 2023–2024 school year is open!

Families interested in an alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar schools can attend a tuition-free* online public school in California and benefit from K12’s interactive online platform, schedule flexibility, personalized learning experience, and strong curriculum. K12-powered California online schools provide students with the tools they need to feel empowered, find their own path, and succeed throughout their academic careers.

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Personalized Learning in K12-Powered California Online Schools

K12-powered online schools in California offer the opportunity to personalize the learning experience. Online classes give students the chance to spend more time on challenging topics and move quickly through subjects they grasp more easily. They can learn at their own pace in a safe, virtual environment.

Students in California online schools also receive the support they need through live classes and individual teacher help sessions.

Benefits of California Online Schools

Students who attend online schools in California benefit from a flexible class pace and schedule, additional parental involvement, a strong online curriculum, and fewer distractions. They have access to social opportunities as well as exciting class options not always found in traditional brick-and-mortar school settings.

Some key benefits of K12-powered California online schools include:

  • Live online classes taught by California-credentialed teachers
  • Strong curriculum combining online and hands-on learning**
  • Fewer distractions from peers and social pressures
  • Interactive lessons, learning games, and videos
  • Direct parental involvement as Learning Coaches
  • Exciting extracurricular options including unique, teacher-led online clubs
  • In-person social events✝︎

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K12-Powered Online Schools in California

Whether your student is just starting kindergarten, expanding their knowledge in middle school, or preparing for college in high school, you can find a great California online school powered by K12. Throughout their entire education, students will receive the support they need from teachers, counselors, and other school faculty.

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Online Elementary Schools in California

Young children learn through exploration, and K12-powered schools emphasize this for our youngest learners. Lessons include hands-on learning both on and offline for a comprehensive experience. Learning Coaches can expect to spend 3—6 hours with their students.


Online Middle Schools in California

Students become more independent learners in middle school as they develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Families love the one-to-one attention, hands-on activities, and social opportunities K12-powered middle schools provide. Learning Coaches typically spend 2—4 hours a day with their students.


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Online High Schools in California

In high school, students continue to develop their skills to prepare for college and the professional world. The learning experience is tailored to each student, allowing them to explore their own path with exciting electives, career prep, and more.✝︎ Learning coaches typically spend less time with high school students, around 1—3 hours per day.


Search for K12-Powered Online Schools in California

K12 partners with elementary, middle, and high schools throughout the state to offer a comprehensive online educational experience. Choose from tuition-free online public schools in California, private academies, and even individual courses.

Grades TK-12

Reach your full potential with an innovative, cutting-edge education from fully credentialed teachers. 

  • Be set up for success with flexible, personalized instruction. 
  • Jump-start your future with career and college prep and honors and AP® courses.  
  • Discover your passion with career-focused electives for grades 7–12. 

Grades TK-12

Empower your learning with a high-quality, Western Association of Schools and Colleges-accredited online charter school serving Los Angeles, Kern, Orange, San Bernardino, and Ventura counties.  

  • Discover your passion with career-focused electives for grades 6–12. 
  • Jump-start your future by earning certifications in high-demand career fields. 
  • Get set up for success with personalized college and career counseling, access to industry experts, job shadowing, and networking. 

Grades 9-12

If you've struggled with school, we can help. Achieve success with flexible learning and personalized support designed for the specific needs of at-promise students in grades 9–12. 

  • Earn your diploma thanks to flexibility and support services. 
  • Dashboard Alternative School Status (DASS)  
  • Access English language learner support. 

Grades 9-12

  • K12 has partnered with Gateway Virtual Academy to offer personalized education opportunities.
  • This school offers state-certified teachers, parent support, and local community programs.
  • Gateway Virtual Academy delivers a model that blends face-to-face and virtual instruction for Le Grand School District residents.

Grades K-8

  • Grades K-8 full-time, interactive, online public school with personalized, tuition-free hands-on learning and classes in core subjects
  • Passionate, supportive state-certified teachers -parent resources, demos, and assistance to start your child off strong-vibrant community with in-person events and clubs
  • Synchronous live instruction with teachers every morning -Afternoons are asynchronous and offer in-person learning opportunities

Grades TK-12

  • Personalized learning with a flexible approach; AP, Honors, Credit Recovery courses. WASC, COGNIA Accredited.
  • Highly Qualified California Credentialed Teachers; A-G, NCAA, and College Board Approved Curriculum.
  • We are a supportive and inclusive school community, offering meetups, clubs, daily live lessons, and events! 

Grades Pre-K-8

  • Whittier City School District offers state-certified teachers, support for parents, and local community programs.
  • Whittier City School District offers some of the most high-tech learning environments in California in order to further engage students in learning and to enhance instruction.
  • All students have access to iPads which must be picked up in person from our district office

Grades K-12

Achieve a quality, personalized, private education through our engaging, interactive K12 curriculum and a dedicated, supportive team of teachers and advisors. Tuition-free private school for Arizona students through the Empowerment Scholarship. 

  • Accelerate your learning with dual enrollment, early college, AP®, and NCAA-approved courses. 
  • Jump-start your future with career and college prep, including career-focused electives beginning in 6th grade.  
  • Learn at your pace with year-round start dates enrolling full-time, part-time, and individual courses. 

Grades K-12

Achieve academic excellence while developing your Christian character and finding your life's purpose in a faith-based, supportive environment. Tuition-free private school for Arizona students through the Empowerment Scholarship. 

  • Integrate a Christian worldview into your life—the classroom and beyond—through our Servant Learner framework. 
  • Develop your character and grow in your faith through in-person activities at faith centers in select cities. 
  • Participate in weekly faith groups and chapel services to connect with other students who share your beliefs. 

Grades K-12

Are you an independent learner seeking a highly flexible education? With more than 40 years of experience in self-paced distance learning, reach your potential any time, year-round. Tuition-free private school for Arizona students through the Empowerment Scholarship. 

  • Accelerate your learning with 170+ self-paced courses with multiple levels, including honors and AP®. 
  • Earn college credits while still in high school with dual enrollment. 
  • Assure your future—we awarded 771 high school diplomas in 2022, with 99.4% of students reporting college acceptance. 

Grades 8-12

Are you a highly motivated learner? Earn a premier, private college preparatory education online and get the tools to excel at top-tier universities. Affiliated with The George Washington University. 

  • Jump-start your future with one-to-one college counseling and unique dual enrollment opportunities. 
  • Prepare for life outside the classroom with our Journeys symposium. 
  • Unlock your future—100% of graduates are accepted to college, from Harvard to UC Berkeley. 

Grades K-11

Reach your full potential with an inclusive, engaging curriculum and the tools and guidance to be a successful global citizen. Tuition-free private school for Arizona students through the Empowerment Scholarship. 

  • Graduate trilingual with our Early World Language Program. 
  • Get access to seminar-based instruction with a collaborative, discussion-focused approach 
  • Graduate with your associate's degree with our dual enrollment program. 

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You can purchase K12 courses to supplement your homeschool curriculum or help your student catch up, get ahead, or explore an interest. These flexible courses are available with part-time and full-time options and with convenient year-round start dates.


Yes, as a Cognia-accredited corporation, K12 meets the highest standards of educational management. Additionally, many individual K12-powered schools are accredited by a variety of respected accreditation bodies.

K12-powered online public school in California has the same time commitment as conventional brick-and-mortar schools, which averages about 5—6 hours per day, plus homework assignments. Days include live online classes, group activities, study sessions, and offline projects.

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How to Enroll in California Online School

With K12-powered online schools in California, students receive an education tailored to their needs and interests, empowering them to set and achieve their goals now and in the future. If you have any questions before getting started, don’t hesitate to reach out.


*Families do not pay tuition for their student to attend an online public school. Common household items and office supplies like printer ink and paper are not provided. Our enrollment consultants can help you address technological and computer needs.
**Course materials vary by course and school. Please check with your school about offline course materials.
✝︎In-person opportunities vary by school.