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Empowering K12 students through online learning

Through K12-powered school options, we empower students to learn in the ways that are best for them—in their own place and at their own pace.

Since 2000, K12 has been a leader in K–12 online education, helping students reach their full potential by putting quality hands-on and online curriculum directly into their homes.

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Learn about K12-powered online schools and programs.

Every family is unique and has different requirements for their child’s learning environment. K12-powered learning offers a personalized approach for students through a variety of education experiences. Explore the offerings below to learn about K12-powered online learning programs and curriculum:

Key Facts About K12

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  • 2M+ students have chosen K12-powered schools
  • Tuition-free K12-powered schools offered in many states
  • Career and college preparation for middle and high school students
  • Public and private school options to fit students’ needs
  • Transforming education for decades

Hear about the K12 approach to personalized learning.

An important distinction about K12 online schools and programs is the approach to personalized learning and commitment to empowering students learn and grow. Not all children succeed with a one-size-fits-all education experience. Learn more about the K12 approach to personalized learning.

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Is personalized learning the future of education?


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Personalized Learning for Post-Pandemic Success


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Personalized Learning Makes Students Masters Of Their Own Destiny


Discover all about the K12 community.

We offer multiple resources for students and families. A vibrant online school community, academic support, and extracurricular activities help students connect, stay motivated, and succeed with online learning. Families can find answers, information, and inspiration to begin their learning journey or continue it. Learn more about the K12 parent and student resources. Watch parent and student testimonials and hear how a K12-powered school has made an impact in their education journey.

Learning at every step of life

As of December 16, 2020, K12 Inc., became Stride, Inc. As a Stride company, we continue serving families and students of K12-powered schools and have expanded our reach to offer learning solutions to students of all ages.